Where Rigged Gets Rigged

People I've enjoyed doing business with...

I Love It

120 "J" St. Niles District
Fremont, CA 94536

Costumes -- Vintage and custom. Reasonable prices. Tell Jo-An "Rigged" sent you and get 10% off.

Rigged in costume
Jo-An treats me like a King

She does a great job and has a massive selection of outfits, jewelry, accessories, hats, shoes and stuff. She also has some cute birdies that will try to converse with you but they only speak parrot.

Jack's Army/Navy Supply

353 Washington Blvd.
Fremont, CA

This place has the oddest collection of vintage war goods and modern hand-me-downs I've ever seen. They have stacks of uniforms, hats, insignia, old and modern equipment of various kinds. Some of the stuff is purely decorative and much of it is very useful including camo netting, parachutes, glow-sticks, self-heating ration packs, water cans, tent poles, snow boards (very useful in the desert, I suppose), and tons of other stuff. The owner is Jack, who only works on Mondays, but knows every item in his shop. The other staff are Jack's wife and their daughter. They're fun to hang out with even if you don't buy anything -- but you probably will find something there that you can't live without. You can tell them "that black guy from Burning Man" sent you. It probably won't do you any good though, except to provoke some interesting conversation.

Thorton Pure Water and Ice Cream

They have great-tasting water for $.25/gallon. They also sell sturdy plastic water bottles from 1 gallon to 5 gallon size. (The 5 gallon bottle was sturdy enough to survive the trip to 1999 Burning Man and back and I still use it on a daily basis on top of a dispenser in my kitchen). They sell dispensers and stands too. You can also get ice cream cones and freshly-popped popcorn.

This little section of Fremont along Thornton east of 880 has lots of little mom&pop businesses that I try to support because I rue the day when they're all replaced by *bucks, The *ap, *ayless Shoes, and all those other characterless chain stores. Around the corner on Fremont Blvd. is a soda fountain called Cloverdale Creamery. It's probably one of the last dairy/soda fountains in the country. They used to deliver fresh milk by truck in glass bottles back in a day. One of their old milk trucks is parked in back. Do you remember fresh milk in glass bottles delivered fresh from the dairy just in time for breakfast each morning? I do.

Advanced Auto Repair

328 Mowry Ave.
Fremont, CA 94536

Henry might be the last honest mechanic. He's sent me to other shops for work he wasn't set up to do. He installed a rebuilt engine in my Chrysler and gave me a great deal on parts and labor and my car runs as good as new.