OK, lets get it right.

These are guys in dresses:

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in
"Some Like It Hot"
(thanks to http://www.adalarms.force9.co.uk)

These are guys NOT in dresses:

Russel Crow in "Gladiator"

Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglass in "The Viking"

Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"

Johnny Weismuller as "Tarzan"

A participant in the Scottish Games

A scene from the movie, "Gladiator"

Modern Gladiators battle it out in mock combat.

Modern men in modern men's wear.

Got it? Good!
Get it!


August 10, 2004 -

I still wear kilts almost daily, as I have for almost 4 years now. Most of the time I get no reaction at all. When I do get reactions, they are mostly positive. Sometimes I get behind-the-back snickers or some very insecure guy making a "fag-in-a-skirt" type of comment. I shrug it off, but I've been through a lot in my life and being put down just makes me that much more determined to do what I think is right.

Most people aren't like that though and won't put themselves on the line as I often do. Most people want the safety and security of numbers. That's not a bad thing -- not everyone is cut out for the pioneer life. Society needs its shopkeepers and bankers too.

Here's the good news:
There are more kiltmakers entering the modern kilt market. Kilt2 in particular is hitting the high-end market with a stylish collection of kilts and accessories. Remarkable is that Kilt2 is made by Scotweb, an established maker of traditional kilts. More important; they are agressively marketing their product, which is bound to make more men aware of kilts in general and bring more men into the market to buy kilts.

In September of 2004, CBS will be airing a prime-time television series, "Center of the Universe" featuring John Goodman again as a family man. This time he has a young son who has discovered his Scottish heritage and wears kilts (and plays a bagpipe, rather poorly). Judging from the previews, this could be a running theme throughout the series.

Good things are happening.