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What's New

July 15, 2006

It's really been a year?

There's new stuff though -check out my blog:


And I'm on MySpace at


You can find most of my good photos at:


I also starting hanging out on Tribe:


That's all for now. I'll try not to wait another year before telling you what's up.


July 31, 2005

Can you believe it? I'm 50 years old now. I had a party to celebrate:

Party Pictures

Sherri gave me the best present. She got my CDs published on CD Baby:

My CDs

June 24, 2005

We just got back from 3 weeks in Europe. Here are some of the photos. These won't be up long, so enjoy them while you can:







September 29, 2004 -

I've updated the "Me" page and added some links to the "Links" page. I've also updated the "Meditations" page.

August 28, 2004 -

- I'm a blogger now. You can find the link to my blog, "MindStation X - Sublevel C" under my picture on the "Me" page or follow this link: http://mindstationx.blogspot.com/ I've been adding content daily. I don't know how long I'll be keeping up that pace, but it's great having a simple way to do a brain dump when I want/need to.

August 19, 2004 -

- I've added a link to student resources to History. I've also added information about Moses "Black" Harris and more links in Cowboys.

- Look for my ideas about Korean unification under Politics

August 9, 2004 -

- Have you noticed the new animated front page? I took the old photo and animated it using Flash. There's also a downloadable animated banner in Portfolios.

- Check back soon for additions to the Black History material. I received a lot of interesting data from some researchers. I'm still perusing and fact-checking it.

- Check Extras for new content, links, and music samples:

Virtual Burning Man

The Science of Dancing

I Teach First Aid

The Mercenary (My near-future sci-fi novel is back and available for free download under the Books link)