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Women Playing Men

We're seeing a rise in the number of women competing against men in games and tournaments that have traditionally been male-only events. With women like Martha Burks, Hilary Lunke, Annika Sorenstam, and Michelle Wie moving from LPGA to PGA tournaments and Katie Hnida kicking it through the goalposts for New Mexico's in a Division 1 college football championship, women are making permanent place for themselves in male-dominated sports.

For any male sport, there is a women's counterpart. Golf has the LPGA (Ladie's Professional Golf Association). Football has the Independent Women's Football League. While the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) is not in the news much these days, it's still around.

If qualified women players can play in the men's leagues, should qualified male players be allowed to compete in women's leagues? Would that be fair? If fair, would it be right?